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Filming locations
in Switzerland

Switzerland has many gorgeous filming locations. We support international film teams with location hunting, second unit filming and much more.

Our services for international film teams

We are not far from any filming location in Switzerland and especially close to the famous Bernese Oberland region that has many popular filming destinations such as Interlaken, Grindelwald, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen, Mürren and the lakes of Thun and Brienz. Our knowledge about the region, combined with the fact that we are filmmakers ourselves, gives us the opportunity to support international film teams with preproduction services, production services and inside tips.

Location hunting

We will grab a camera and provide you with example footage and pictures of filming locations that might fit your story prior to your location visit. Due to our knowledge about the topography we can provide you with valuable advice, also about less known, yet gorgeous filming spots.

Second unit filming or B-roll production

We can provide a film team for second unit filming in Switzerland or simply record b-roll footage, such as establishing shots that need to come from Switzerland. For aerial photography we can provide special cinecopter drones that film in 8K resolution.

Line producing

We can be your line producer for Switzerland. Our connections to the Swiss film industry allow us to organize and realize film shoots with specialists of all kinds involved, be it stunt men for skiing scenes, athletes for extreme sports (e.g. wingsuit flying) or experienced alpinists for climbing scenes etc.

Acommodation and travelling

We can organize accommodation and transportation and help you with coordinating your filming by putting together the best travelling plans in close collaboration with local bus or truck transportation companies and the Swiss railways.

EPIC LAB is happy to support any international film crew that wants to film in Switzerland. Members of our network have brought Bollywood productions to the canton of Ticino (with former miss universe Aishavarya Rai in the cast). They have organized guided tours for Indian film enthusiasts to popular filming locations in the Bernese Oberland. Or they were production managers for the scenes of Band of Brothers (2001) filmed in Interlaken with Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks being the executive producers.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We are here to help.

Location file Switzerland – free download

Are you a film producer, film director, screenwriter or book author looking for inspiration regarding story elements or filming locations in Switzerland?

We have put together a location file that not only helps you get an overview of popular filming locations in Switzerland, but also features insteresting structures and landmarks that may serve as story elements or interesting backdrops for film scenes. Our list is by no means exhaustive. May it serve as a source of inspiration for storytellers worldwide.



Our document has 110 pages and is divided into five chapters:

  1. Natural Sites & Sceneries
  2. Our first chapter is looking at popular landscapes that offer stunning mountain views, alpine meadows, lakes and glaciers.

  3. Structures & Landmarks
  4. The second chapter is looking at castles, churches, historical hotels and objects of modern architecture in Switzerland that may serve as interesting backdrops or elements of a scene.

  5. Major Cities & Beautiful Villages
  6. The third chapter features a selection of cities and scenic villages that have been featured in
    international movie productions in the past.

  7. Swiss Culture
  8. The fourth chapter presents an open-air museum that displays traditional buildings and historical architecture from all over the country and gives a brief overview of stereotypical brands among the Swiss cheese, chocolate and watch industries.

  9. Epic Lab Services
  10. The fifth and last chapter gives a brief overview about our services for international film crews.

What you’ll get

For each location we give you a short description of the place (1), one to five example images (2), a short description of the location (3), a region map marking the canton (the respective state of the Swiss Confereration) the place is located in (4), information about the recommended village/city for accommodation, the distances and travelling time for car and train from the two international airports Zurich and Geneva, and a list of movies that have been shot in this location in the past.

Filming Locations in Switzerland - Preview page
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