We are pleased to announce that Epic Lab is responsible for the audio post-production of the documentary “Teruko Yokoi – Art in the Making” by Geneva-based filmmaker Kuniko Satonobu Spirig.

The film was made in collaboration with Bern-based cinematographer and editor Matthias Günther and highlights the life and work of Japanese artist Teruko Yokoi, who worked in San Francisco, New York, Paris and finally Bern.

In 2020, the Kunstmuseum Bern dedicated a special exhibition to the artist, who died the same year, and showed an extensive selection of works created between the 1950s and early 1970s. Teruko Yokoi was able to attend the opening of the exhibition and witnessed its success, which is beautifully documented in the film.

Our tasks will include an extensive audio cleanup (elimination of anomalies such as digital distortion, hiss, low-frequency hum, unwanted background noise, clicks and pops, removal of room resonances) by using our special software tools, the smoothing of audio transitions, the sonic beautification of speech and music, as well as extensive audio mixing and mastering work according to international bradcasting standards.

A big thank you to our audio post production expert Norbert Eichler, who regularly exceeds expectations with his expertise and meticulous work.

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